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MAXHUB Integrated LED Display Terminal
Created for Large Scenes Presentation

MAXHUB Integrated LED Display Terminal is suitable for meeting rooms, showrooms, lecture halls and other large scenes, offering you the visual experience of giant screen cinema. The outstanding interaction design and mirroring technology of MAXHUB make your presentation smarter and superior.

Ultra-light and ultra-thin configuration fits all space layout
With the “All in One” design concept, modularized machine case, power supplement system, control system, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth* are integrated to save more space,
combining with light and thin screen (the smallest thickness is 38mm), and super narrow aluminum frames
38mm                                                8.5kg
thin screen                                      *ultra-light machine case*                          
Giant screen HD display provides excellent visual experience

Full Lamination Technology*, 2K full HD display, 1920Hz/s refreshing frequency, lossless and natural static and motion graphics. Keeping high grayscale in low brightness, and flexible and adjustable brightness and temperature design present clear and sharp images indoors and outdoors.

Wireless connection, easy multi-terminals mirroring
No more complicated operation and tangled cables. Real time Mirroring can be achieved through your smartphone, PC, and tablet. It supports at most 4 devices mirroring simultaneously* and provides you a clear comparison.
Match with MAXHUB conference flat panel, and compatible
with many applications
Easy operation by matching with MAXHUB conference flat panel. MAXHUB applications and third-party software are compatible for
information publication, welcome screen, and annotation etc.
      Information          Welcome        Annotations
publication             screen
Turn on and turn off with one key
Cinematic giant screen experience starts with one key.
Front screen installation saves space
Light and thin machine case supports front screen installation. Saving much space since there is no need to leave maintenance channel.
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