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65/86 Inch55/65/75/86 inch55/65/75/86/98 Inch
16:9 Aspect Ratio16:9 Aspect Ratio16:9 Aspect Ratio
ELED BacklightDLED BacklightDLED Backlight
3840*2160 resolution3840*2160 resolution3840*2160 resolution
178° viewing angle178° viewing angle178° viewing angle
Smooth anti-glare toughened glassAnti-glare Toughened glassToughened glass
P-CAP+EMR SensingInfrared SensingInfrared Sensing
20 touch points20 touch points Finger+Opaque object20 touch points
Finger+EMR PenFinger+Opaque objectFinger+Opaque object
±1mm touch accuracy±1mm touch accuracy<1.5 nn nn touch accuracy
0.5mm EMR Pen AccuracyNot AvailableNot Available
12-mega pixels8-mega pixelsNot Available
16:9 Aspect Ratio16:9 Aspect RatioNot Available
Lens distortion < l%Lens distortion < l%Not Available
Automatic white balanceAutomatic white balanceNot Available
Face recognitionFace recognitionNot Available
12-mega pixels8-mega pixelsNot Available
6-array microphones6-array microphonesNot Available
8m voice picking-up8m voice picking-upNot Available
16KHz sampling frequency Automatic noise reduction16KHz sampling frequency Automatic noise reductionNot Available
Support echo cancellationSupport echo cancellationNot Available
Support auditory localizationSupport auditory localizationNot Available
2*10W + 15W2*10W + 15W2*12W
3acoustic chamber3 acoustic chamberNot Available
Support stereoSupport stereoNot Available
Dual A73 CPUDual A73 CPUDual A73 CPU
Android 7.0Android 7.0Android 7.0
Intel® Core i3/ 15 / i7Intel® Core i3/ i5 / i7Intel® Core i3/ i5 / i7
DDR4 8G / 16GDDR4 8G / 16GDDR4 8G / 16G
128G / 256G128G / 256G128G / 256G
Intel® HD Graphics GPUIntel® HD Graphics GPUIntel® HD Graphics GPU
Win 10 EnterpriseWin 10 EnterpriseNot Available
100-240V- 50 / 60Hz100-240V- 50 / 60Hz100-240V 50/60Hz
Altitude 5000mAltitude 5000mAltitude 5000m
< 0.5W standby power consumption<0.5W standby power consumption<0.5W standby power consumption
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